IV Journal Launches, on the Cutting Edge

Here’s further evidence that vascular access and infection control remain cutting-edge efforts in medicine.

At a time that is witnessing the death of many publications, including several in the healthcare trade media, a new publication covering intravenous care has been launched. Rather than tie itself down to the old paper-publication model, the new IV Journal is online only.

But happily, publisher Andrew Jackson, out of Britain, has created a journal that uses the best of online technology and is also visually appealing. News of the launch can be found here: http://www.ivteam.com/iv-journal-launched. He’s also drawing on contributors internationally.

Here’s how Jackson describes IV Journal:

“This intrepid, innovative new publication acknowledges the rapidly changing nature of intravenous care. Traditional paper based publications are usually bound by subscription restrictions. Intravenous Journal wants to provide a subscription-free online format to provide any IV professional with a unique IV journal experience.”

It’s also worth noting that Jackson publishes the very useful electronic newsletter, IV Team. More about that at http://www.ivteam.com.