Survey Says Infection Prevention Is Improving, but Hand Hygiene Remains a Big Challenge

Hand hygiene is the most challenging area of compliance in infection prevention, according to results of a survey conducted by Infection Control Today (ICT). Half of infection preventionists who responded to the survey identified hand hygiene as the biggest issue.

The ICT survey uncovered an apparent increase in compliance with best practices and methods among various institutions. Among respondents, 69% said they believe their institutions have increased compliance with infection prevention in the last five years. And 56% say they are spending more time boosting healthcare workers’ compliance.

Most respondents said they feel that their institution supports a culture of safety and accountability, and that they believe their faculty supports them in their efforts to prevent infection. Opinions are mixed, however, on whether an incentivized or punitive approach affects compliance.

Overall, this ICT survey shows a positive trend in infection compliance. While cost pressures will certainly impinge upon infection-prevention efforts, factors supporting more infection prevention include financial incentives within the Affordable Care Act, as well as the expanding adoption of improved infection-prevention technology.

Review the slide show for yourself on ICT’s website.

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