The WAND Continues to Draw a Crowd

Among the most crowded booths at the recent annual meeting of the Association for Vascular Access was that of Access Scientific, makers of The WAND, which enables the Accelerated Seldinger Technique. This faster and safer means of placing central line catheters is expected to be available late this year, from Access Scientific.

Nurses often lined up two rows deep to see The WAND demonstrated by Dr. Steve Bierman, the Access CEO, and by VP Bill Bold. The WAND is designed to eliminate many of the risks associated with the widely used Modified Seldinger Technique. Risks of MST include accidental needlesticks, bleeding, contamination, embolism, and loss of cannulation.

Also at AVA, Access Scientific and Teleflex teamed to provide the first Nurse Certificate Program in the Accelerated Seldinger Technique.

Access Scientific, a privately held medical device company, is dedicated to providing a safer standard of over-wire vascular access through its proprietary WAND technology. Designed to provide the fastest, safest, simplest over-wire catheter insertion, The WAND enables clinicians to perform the Accelerated Seldinger Technique. The total market opportunity for the company’s products is estimated to be more than $2.5 billion annually.

Access Scientific’s management team, including Dr. Bierman, previously served as the core management team of Venetec International. Venetec, which was subsequently acquired by C. R. Bard, created and marketed the industry-leading StatLock® line of catheter stabilization devices.

Access Scientific is a client of Dowling & Dennis Public Relations. For further information on the company, go to, email Access Scientific at, or call 858-259-8333.